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Enjoy reading our "horse tales" from previous riders. We go to great lengths to make your experience with us one that will leave a lasting place in your heart!

"Mild to Wild has taken my national show horse and me on tremendous journeys covering five states, the entire Colorado Trail (500 miles), Monument Valley, slot canyons, etc. always well prepared and fantastic cuisine, and excellent information on the regions we are in. This is a very special type of horse adventure that I can highly recommend to enjoy our beautiful country."








-Signe Wheeler

"Pam and Mild to Wild BCHA provide the opportunity to make lifetime long memories with your horses and friends. We went on a trip to Southern Utah in May 2019 and it was a perfect variety of rides including the breathtaking slot canyons, the Bryce Canyon National Park hoodoos and the coral pink sand dunes. You will eat better than you do at home and have an unbelievable time.  I cannot recommend a better guide."





-Hayley Anderson

"A wonderful way to do those once (or twice) in a lifetime adventures. Pam does the planning, feeds you amazing meals, and leads you on the most beautiful trails in the country. Been to Monument Valley, Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, and Southern Utah with her. My horse, George, and I would follow her just about anywhere."






-Cher Masini

"When I was asked to go on an adventure with Pam I was beyond excited...and a little scared! I really lacked confidence and Pam and her crew were amazing with me and helped me along the way. Each day was a new adventure as we explored parts of the Colorado Trail. We were cooked for and catered to and it made the trip that much more relaxing and enjoyable. It was extra special to be able to bring my own horse along for the journey as it really helped our confidence together. I highly recommend Mild to Wild! You will have an incredible experience!"




-Julie Karp

"I have known, and ridden with, Pam Doverspike for many years. Because of her, I have ridden to places I would have never have thought possible. Amazing rides, yes. Spectacular scenery, yes. But most of all, I would like to recognize Pam for her leadership qualities. She is passionate about what she does. She is not afraid to dream of great and new adventures. What she enjoys even more than making her own memories, is inspiring others to share these dreams, and to help them make their own unforgettable memories. She is never afraid to make hard decisions and to assume full responsibility for those decisions. She has a real understanding of the abilities of both horse and rider. She has coached and encouraged my horse and me, helping us to gain confidence and to enjoy the ride. Organized, intuitive and just a lot of fun to be around. There is no one I would rather ride with."






-Renel Anderson

"On my first trip with Mild to Wild we went to Monument Valley and it was incredible, a once in a lifetime trip. Besides the breathtaking scenery it was truly one of the most amazing places! Riding there was a real gift, it was like going back in time and a part of me felt like I was seeing and feeling what the first people who lived here must have felt when they made this ride. Our guides were born and raised and live in the valley. They showed us places and told us stories of their life and those of their ancestors. AMAZING! The trip was well organized. Let me just say you won't lose any weight even if you ride 16 miles a day, the food is amazing. I am not sure how Pam pulls off 5 star meals for a week but she and her crew do it and they do it well. Mild to Wild even has a photographer along for the trip let me tell you she did an amazing job and it gave me a chance to take it ALL in. I really hope I get an opportunity to ride with Pam and her gang again.





-Jennifer Johnson

"I've been riding and camping with Pam Doverspike as my friend and guide for 15 years. She has a unique ability to find wonderful places to ride and navigates all aspects of the trips with ease. Her love for adventure is contagious so whenever a trip is mentioned I get excited also. I would never have gone to so many beautiful places without her knowledge and guidance. If you are looking for a mild or wild riding adventure with fantastic food, laughs and hospitality with NO worries, Pam is your person you want leading you to your dream destinations."




-Cathy Queen

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Mild to Wild and the three trips I was fortunate enough to get to take with them! Pam does an absolutely fantastic job! Her meals are delicious and she is just amazing. She is one of the most genuinely caring people I have ever met and she showed our entire group a fabulous week in Monument Valley in October 2019. I would highly recommend taking a trip with her if you are ever considering it! I hope to get to take many more trips with her because I know how much fun they will be!"


-Angie Valentine-Rohlman

"I can't thank Mild to Wild enough for leading me on the trip of my life! I had so many anxieties about taking this trip: Could I ride that far? Should I leave my teenage kids? Am I too old? Will I be too sore? I was nervous, yet I committed to going so I went. What I got was a trip of immense value.  The riding and scenery were magical! The crew went over the top preparing delicious and plentiful meals. Our Native American hosts, Effie and Key, were welcoming and informative. Our riding posse was large, 23 women and one man. I was not the oldest there and I found the women to be inspiring, energetic and fun. I would be remiss not to mention the spiritual calm, stars and quiet of the area. To be disconnected from everyday life, surrounded by supportive people, beauty and horses was a pure gift!" 

-A Million Thanks!

Maggie Sweeny


"Pam is an extremely experienced horse traveling guide! She has been leading us on many unbelievable journeys for many years. I have and will always put my safety and undeniably incredible experiences in her hands. If you choose to travel with her you will never forget it. By the way this lady can cook!! I highly recommend Mild to Wild to anyone wanting a vacation with their horse! I would never have been blessed with the memorable experiences I have had without Pam!"


-Ariel Jacobs

"Pamela Jean Doverspike is a living legend, a true backcountry trail riding cowgirl who stops for nothing. With Pam, every ride is doable. You won't find a better riding companion to trust to take you horseback riding and experience the wildlife and nature of the Americas. My highest recommendation goes to anything Pam is involved in-especially on a horse!"


-Joan Sartori

M2W - Southern Utah - 011.JPG

"We just got back from Southern Utah with Mild to Wild and we had a fantastic time with Pam, her crew and all of the riders. This is our second planned trip, the first one was Monument Valley in 2018. The food was wonderful, camaraderie outstanding! There was a professional photographer there as well.  We want to encourage any and all of you to take advantage of Mild to Wild Backcountry Horse Adventures and all of Pam Doverspike's knowledge. If anyone has a desire to see our beautiful country on horseback you will not be disappointed!    


-Kim Lankford Banker

-Kathy Walker


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