What will your next adventure be?



Monument Valley

9/26-10/1/21 FULL OR 10/3-10/8/21


Ride beautiful Monument Valley with us and enjoy the hospitality of our host and Navajo guides. Come see ruins, arches and petroglyphs from on top of your horse. Week one is fully catered and accompanied by a professional photographer. Week two is a more affordable option which includes a continental breakfast and a Navajo taco night. This amazing destination fills up fast and spaces are limited.


Colorado Trail



If you and your horse are looking for an awesome adventure join us as we ride through several segments of the Colorado Trail. This is a fully catered trip that offers a more wild backcountry experience. Witness the beauty, vistas and wildlife found in this area. This adventure is not for the faint of heart and rider and horse must be fit and experienced. This exciting ride fills up fast and spaces are limited.


Southern Utah

5/15/21-5/22/21  FULL

Visit Southern Utah to ride Paria river and the Bryce Canyon area with your horse. Experience the beauty of Utah's slot canyons, hoodos, and red rock formations. Be catered to by our wonderful host. This 8 day adventure includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Must be able to trailer to different scenic trails. This amazing destination fills up fast and spaces are limited.



Rocky Mountains


Join us for 5 days in the Rocky Mountains and learn some of the basics of camping with your horse. Explore the majestic landscape and terrain. This is a 5 day adventure which teaches cooking, camping and horse containment all while enjoying back country trails from the back of your horse. This exciting ride fills up fast and spaces are limited.

Ancient petroglyphs  on a sandstone wall

Canyon de Chelly

5/23/21-5/30/21  FULL

Stunning Canyon De Chelly National Monument is a must see with your horse! As we ride through the canyon we will see numerous ancient pueblo ruins. Explore the magnificent scenery and cultural history with an experienced Navajo guide. We make all the arrangements for this hard to get to fabulous location. Ride includes Navajo prepared cuisine.



Sunrise over Badlands National Park, Sou

Badlands Roundup

6/12/21-6/19/21  FULL

Join us for 3 days on a private ranch working cattle, sorting and a roundup. For the beginner or novice horse and rider learn how to move cattle with a private instructor.  We will spend the remaining 3 days in the Badlands of South Dakota camping and trail riding through dramatic landscapes of layered rock formations, steep canyons and towering spires.